About Us


The True Vine Solutions, TVS is in the business of developing SOLUTIONS and delivering SERVICES to help companies stay on top of their businesses with highly motivated workforce making sure the business grows, the people grow and the stock grows; especially in rapidly growing and dynamic economies.

We assume five roles as we undertake our responsibility with our clients: those of a Facilitator, Researcher, Trainer, Link and Partner in order that we are able to develop deliverable and custom built solutions which in turn enable clients stay on top of their businesses breeding  highly motivated workforce also determined to grow with the company.

Pastor Tunde Badru, the CEO of TVS is the principal on every project and will manage all the assignments and projects himself. He oversees both the Houston office and the Lagos office and spends considerable time in Lagos to execute projects while he commutes from Houston as reasonable as possible. He combines his degree in Mechanical Engineering with professional qualification in Accounting. A robust career in HR and Strategy development with Schlumberger Nigeria and in Houston, a Banking career, Audit and Consulting experience all make him an expert in most areas. In 10 years of working for Schlumberger  in Nigeria and in Houston USA, 3 years in the Nigerian Banking Industry, and  over 2 years in Audit and Accounting with Ernst and Young, Pastor Badru developed expertise in Human Resources Management, Compensation and Benefits,  Workforce Transformation, Industrial Relations and Employee Motivation, Budgeting - Financial Reporting, Operations Management, Management Development, Talent Management - Recruiting, Employee Development, Turnaround Leadership, Business Analysis - Auditing, Administration/Support Services, Progressive Management Practices, Community/Public Relations, Strategic Partnership Development, Continual Improvement Processes, Benchmarking, and Activity Based Costing.

The company is intentionally small and flexible. Assisting and working with the principal is a team of experienced analysts and consultants based in Lagos and Houston.  When necessary, we work with other consultants to bring the best quality of deliverables including Information Technology support.