Succession Planning

SUCCESSION PLANNING: A solution that ensures continuity in manpower supply without losing core skills and experience. The solution is branded “TRUE SUCCESSION” and is the use of a deliberate process to ensure that staff are developed who are able to replace senior management as required. In organizational development (OD), planning for succession in key roles, including for the CEO is a critical task facing every organization.

Succession Planning involves having senior executives periodically review their top executives and those in the next-lower level to determine several backups for each senior position. This is important because it often takes years of grooming to develop effective senior managers. There is a critical shortage in companies of middle and top leaders for the next five years. Organizations will need to create pools of candidates with high leadership potential.

•    A system that monitors and identifies potentials
•    A planning tool for succession
•    Monitors delays and provides for closure
•    Identify Potentials and key contributors; Plan replacement and Release

A succession plan clearly sets out the factors to be taken into account and the process to be followed in relation to retaining or replacing the person.