Our Roles

We assume five roles as we undertake our responsibility with our clients: facilitator, Researcher, Trainer, Link and partner.
  • As facilitator, we assist clients in clarifying their company's direction, and identifying what they wish to achieve through their compensation programs. We provide the guidance necessary to consider a variety of options, and to help the client decide which approach is the most appropriate one to take.
  • As Researcher, we research into all the aspects of  the projects and thoroughly analyze the specifics of the clients situation, internally and externally within the relevant market
  • As Trainer, we provide an expert and comprehensive understanding of the issues and alternatives, and how they affect the company's competitive position within the market and then train, educate and coach the management team, key HR and payroll employees on the various aspects of the program.
  • As Link, we serve as a link between top management and all stakeholders especially in communicating the various strategy, plan and implementations of goals, objectives and policies arising from the project. This may include external stakeholders like tax departments and other government departments where necessary
  • As partner, we work jointly with clients to maximize their resources, and use the system we help them develop. We focus on the client's independence, which allows us to maintain relationships long after the completion of the original project.