Corporate Retreat

Corporate Retreats – Objective
Corporate retreats allow you to focus on the real work: strategic planning, visioning, priority setting, role clarification and decision-making. It’s one of the best ways of strategizing and Team building for improved productivity and profitability.
Our clients report tremendous satisfaction with the retreat results and the decision-making process as well as the energy and enthusiasm that accompanies participants back to the workplace.

Let Us Help Plan Your Next Corporate Retreat
We can provide you with a wide variety of options for your next corporate retreat, depending on your team needs and budget. Planning a retreat is a demanding process: agreeing upon the retreat objectives, choosing a venue, customizing the content for your company, Goals setting, Corporate Strategic Planning, Communiqués from retreat, coordinating logistics and travel, Coordinating workshops, Training, Redirecting, Performance Management, Team building and a lot more.
More often, these responsibilities are being handled by ad hoc committees and busy administrators. The executives, Managers and Team Leaders are often not sufficiently objective as to balance all the issues in their coordination and managing the retreat agenda and follow through. As demanding as it is, with the right planning tools, and strategic partners, companies can successfully plan and execute retreats. That’s what we offer!

The following are some of the areas we cover in our approach to managing corporate retreats:
  • Detail Review of current year’s individual and corporate performance indicators
  • Learning points from the current year
  • Analysis and Projection of next year business climate and the possible impacts on your business
  • Defining responsibility Accounting across units and departments in your organization
  • Examining organizational and structural efficiency in your company
  • Examining the efficiency of your work flow process.
  • Corporate health check up; checking on the health of your company based on simple HR and Management tools and process;
  • Defining marketing, profitability and Revenue goals for next year consistent with ‘SMART” objective setting
  • Identifying key success factors for the future
  • Cost control mechanism for the new year
  • Manpower Planning for next year
  • Human Capital Development for next year
  • Budget proposal next year
  • Team building adventures, carefully designed to fit into your existing retreat theme,
  • Workshops based on leadership, teamwork, communications or other professional development topics in support of your training initiatives,
  • Complete facilitation of multi-day corporate retreats including team building adventures, corporate training workshops, team assessments, and strategic planning.
  • etc
Date, Venue and Timing
Our corporate retreats are highly customized to fit your culture, your language and your corporate retreat theme.
We always propose to start on a Friday 6:00pm and conclude Sunday 5pm. This can be as flexible as you want it. We can assist in the choice of venue.

Pre-Retreat Task
We always assign pre-retreat tasks to managers, unit and department heads that may require about two weeks to complete ahead of the retreat. This helps to maximize the use of time during the retreat. We provide the template for all the tasks to make it uniform and user friendly.
Have clear objectives for the retreat and commit them to a highly focused agenda.
Keep an action list on hand to track commitments, responsible parties and deadlines.
Build a post-retreat follow-up into the process...future improvements depend on this.

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